Sweden, Umeå, 2013-11-05
Konftel 300Wx – new wireless conference phone with support for expansion microphones
The new Konftel 300Wx, which replaces the Konftel 300W, has better DECT compatibility with support for both GAP and CAT/iq. It can be fitted with expansion microphones to enhance audio pick-up and the USB feature for VoIP calls has been simplified. It incorporates all the smart features of the 300 series; SD card recording, conference guide and the option of bridging calls from different connections.
DECT connection and battery with 60 hours of talk time. The Konftel 300Wx is compatible with DECT GAP for integration with existing systems. Charging cradle is included.
The Konftel 300Wx supports CAT-iq 2.1 which has wideband capability for calls using DECT technology. Wideband audio requires an IP DECT base that supports wideband and GAP.
Other connection options
DECT, USB for VoIP or mobile phone - simply choose how you want to communicate. You can also bridge calls.

Supports expansion microphones
Expansion microphones can be connected to more than double the 30-square-metre voice pick-up range.

Member of the Konftel 300 series
The Konftel 300Wx is one of five members in the 300 series. Essentially built on the same technology, OmniSound® for superior audio quality, flexible connectivity, recording capability, upgradeable software and a two-year warranty. The difference is the connectivity options.

The Konftel 300Wx went on sale globally on 4th November 2013 through Konftel's distribution channels.