Sweden, UmeƄ, 2013-10-08
Nobel Prizes announced over Konftel 300IP
This year's Nobel Laureates have been announced to the world at press conferences held over the past few weeks. The Nobel Committee and journalists spoke with the delighted winners and the call was heard clearly right across the room. However, it was less clear that the Konftel 300IP was the technology behind these calls. The microphone that wandered around the journalists and the sound system was connected to the Konftel 300 IP via a PA interface box.
Watch (and listen!) to the videos from the press conferences. If you're really observant, you can see the Committee members walk past the Konftel 300IP before they sit down.
Nobel Prize in Physics:
The interview with Mr. Englert begins after 15 minutes.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry:
The interview with Mr. Arieh Warshel begins after 15 minutes.

Konftel has been participating for a number of years with other conference phone models. Read on to find out what the solution looks like and how it works: