Sweden, UmeƄ, 2013-10-08
Konftel 55W - top tested by Telekom Idag magazine
The trade magazine Telekom Idag has tested the new Konftel 55W for "Modern Conferences". Its good points include a "seriously good microphone", an extremely easy-to-use interface and multiple connection capability.
Although the Konftel 55 Series has been designed to pick up sound from several people and to be used in conference rooms, the magazine still chose to compare it with a personal USB device. When they test and compare how it sounds on the other party's side, they are immediately struck by how important the microphone is for audio reproduction.
"It's high time that we upgrade how we sound in the ears of the other participants. It's a sign of consideration and is smart too. The microphone and the audio processing at this end are one of the strengths that justify the price tag. Others are the multiple connections and user-friendliness, despite its ability to handle complex situations."

The test concludes with this summary, "The Konftel 55W is designed to fit seamlessly into our new methods of communication."