Multi-party-call - How to set up a Conference call

Meetings are the hub of all communication and our ambition is to provide the best sound possible in remote meetings no matter if it’s via a phone line, Wireless Networks, the Internet or systems.

Important to know is that making a conference call is dependent on features provided by the phone service and not by the Konftel itself. On some phone services, conference calls are not allowed at all. Please check with your service provider, reseller or the person that is responsible for communication at your company.

Here is a list of known commands for conference calls with different phone systems.
If you have a system not listed in this table (and you know the command for 3 party calling), please send an e-mail to  .
Brand Model Command Notes
Aastra BusinessPhone F3
Avaya IP Office *47
Avaya Integral 55 F4 Add-on conference must be active
Ericsson MD110 3
Euro Generis F63
Philips Sopho IS3000 F F*3 for new line
Samsung Office Serv 500 46
Unify/Siemens HiCom Office *5
Unify/Siemens HiPath *3 or F*3 or *53
Vox Novo F4
NEC SV8100/9100 Instructions

» Find out more how to manage multi-party-calls in the manuals


Konftel 300W*/300Wx*/300/250

Konftel 300W*/300Wx*/300/250 - Using the Instant Conference guide
Konftel 300W*/300Wx*/300/250 - Conference guide settings
Konftel 300W*/300Wx*/300/250 - Calling a manual conference call
Konftel 300W*/300Wx*/300/250 - Calling a pre-defined group with the conference guide

Konftel 300M

The number of participants you can call is determined by the phone service. There is no limit on the Konftel on how many participants you can call. If you plan to have more than 4 participants in a conference call we suggest that you use a conference bridge service instead.

Konftel 300M - Making a conference call with Konftel 300M

Konftel 300IP

Konftel 300IP supports a 5-party call (you + four other participants) with the integrated bridge function. To be able to have a 5-party call the service provider (SIP server) must allow the Konftel to have 4 external calls at the same time. Talk with your service provider if you have questions.

Konftel 300IP - Making a conference call with Konftel 300IP
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