Konftel 300Wx – absolute freedom with no wires attached.
Konftel 300Wx

Konftel 300Wx – absolute freedom with no wires attached

The Konftel 300Wx gives you the flexibility to arrange meetings without the need for electrical sockets or phone jacks. Its rechargeable battery provides talk time of up to 60 hours – you can talk a whole working week without having to recharge! The Konftel 300Wx is GAP/CAT-iq compatible and can be connected to existing DECT systems. It also enables your organisation to have meetings with wireless HD audio, thanks to CAT-iq and the option of connecting to IP DECT-base stations.

The Konftel 300Wx connects easily to your PC via a USB port for VoIP calls and web meetings or to your mobile phone. The integrated bridge system provides the capability to connect DECT, a mobile phone and USB to multi-party calls. The Konftel 300Wx incorporates numerous smart features that simplify your teleconferences. Record your meetings with an SD memory card and listen to them later on. The conference guide helps you make multi-party calls and save call groups, which is a useful feature if groups have regular meetings.

The Konftel 300Wx incorporates Konftel's patented OmniSound® audio technology, which provides crystal-clear sound and can be upgraded with expansion microphones to cover larger events. The Konftel 300Wx has an elegant, Scandinavian design that enhances any conference room.

Wireless IP meetings with powerful audio

It is now possible to take the HD calls on your IP telephony into wireless conference calls. Konftel's DECT base station, IP DECT 10, is connected via SIP and can have up to 5 HD-capable Konftel 300Wxs registered, five simultaneous calls. It is possible to set up the Konftel 300Wx with IP DECT base stations provided by third-party manufacturers supported by Konftel. However, Konftel IP DECT 10 offers some unique advantages and makes it simple to get started.
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Konftel 300Wx Videos

Konftel300W-Register-to-a-Konftel-DECT-base.png   Konftel300-series-SD-call-Recordning.png
Konftel 300Wx - Register a Konftel 300Wx to a Konftel DECT
Konftel 300-series - SD-call recording
Konftel300W-Using-Konftel-with-Skype.png   Konftel-Wireless-IP-with-IP-DECT-10-and-Konftel-300Wx.png
Konftel 300Wx - Using Konftel 300Wx with Skype
Konftel 300Wx - Konftel Wireless IP with IP DECT 10
Konftel 300Wx - Import contacts via SD-card
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