Konftel 300 - a phone for all your meetings
Konftel 300

Konftel 300 - a phone for all your meetings

Konftel 300 is packed with many smart features and designed for flexible performance. Record your conversations on SD memory cards, while the line mode allows you to switch between and combine three connectivity technologies — analog, cell phones and USB. The conference guide helps you make multiparty calls and save call groups, which is very useful if you make regular calls to the same group.

The Konftel 300 is also ideal in larger contexts as you have the option of adding expansion microphones, a wireless headset and a PA system too.

It goes without saying that the Konftel 300 delivers ultimate sound quality, based on a brand new generation of OmniSound®, Konftel’s crystal clear audio technology. Last, but not least — the Konftel 300 has an intriguing Scandinavian design that enhances any conference table.


Konftel 300 Videos

Konftel300-series-SD-call-Recordning.png   Konftel300M-Add-expansion-microphones.png
Konftel 300-series - SD-call recording
Konftel 300 - Add expansion microphones
Konftel300IP-Connect-your-Konftel--to-an-installed-audiosystem.png   Konftel300IP-Connect-a-wireless-headset-to-your-Konftel.png
Konftel 300 - Connect your Konftel to an installed audio system
Konftel 300 - Connect a wireless headset to your Konftel
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