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Konftel 20 years

To celebrate Konftel’s 20th anniversary we have published a book tracing the company’s history. You can order this book from us or read it here in pdf format. Call +46 (0)90 70_ 64 70 if you want to order the book, which is available in either Swedish or English.

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The Sound of a Company – The History of Konftel

It all started back in 1988 when a bank manager in Umeå (a city in northern Sweden) had a problem. He needed a conference telephone installed in the bank’s new offices. Despite testing all the systems available on the market, he wasn’t at all satisfied. The main problem was that the sound would ‘cut’ which meant each participant would have to wait for the other to talk before resuming the conversation. This made conversations difficult and the whole telephone conferencing experience frustrating. The bank manager then asked an electrical consultant whom worked at the new offices if he could find a good conference telephone solution. The consultant was Peter Renkel, whom is today the CEO of Konftel. Renkel searched the market and quickly concluded that there was no quality solution available.

Renkel had a friend called John-Erik Eriksson, whom is today the Acoustic Designer at Konftel. In 1988 Peter and John-Erik started a small company as a hobby in which sound systems were built in assembly halls and other difficult sound environments. “Is it alright if we try and build a conference telephone system?” asked Peter Renkel. The rest, as they say, is history. The bank manager said yes and was delighted with the results. He used the system constantly; and pretty soon Renkel started to receive inquiries about building more systems. The Swedish government telecommunications agency, Televerket, was also interested. Two local businessmen backed the project and a short time afterwards Konftel was founded.

20 years later, Konftel is Europe's leading manufacturer of conference phones; well known for the patented audio technology OmniSound®.

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